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Prince de Bretagne: a recognised local partner

The Prince de Bretagne brand brings together over 1,300 producers who grow, harvest and deliver fresh, tasty, healthy vegetables every day. The cooperative is made up of independent, family-run farms, all committed to an eco-responsible approach (crops with high environmental value, organic, pesticide-free vegetables, etc.). Vegetables are sold mainly by auction, which takes place every morning.

Prince de Bretagne also boasts the widest range of fruit and vegetables in France (145 varieties), enabling us to offer our customers vegetables in season and at optimum freshness: cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, artichokes, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, strawberries, rhubarb…

Couleurs d'Iroise: an exclusive range of tomatoes

Couleurs d’Iroise are tomatoes grown on the north coast of Finistère, exclusively for Jacob. This direct link with the growers enables us to offer a variety of tomatoes, with unrivalled freshness (tomatoes harvested in the morning arrive in our warehouses the same day for order preparation and dispatch). Our range includes:

  • Saveurs anciennes: an assortment of heirloom tomatoes in a variety of shapes, flavours and colors
  • Tomato on vine: a best-seller in the tomato aisle
  • Olivines Plum Tomato: medium-sized tomatoes, oblong and fleshy.
  • Mini San Marzano tomatoes: plump and sweet
  • Pigeon hearts: elongated cherry tomatoes with a sweet taste

Early potatoes

With its mild climate, Brittany is an ideal region for early potato production. And thanks to its recognised expertise in this market, Jacob has become a major player in the sector.

We’re involved with our growers from the moment the potatoes are planted, and monitor them in the field right through to harvest. And we ship more than half of all early Breton produce. We approve all batches, and work with the main French packers.

This enables us to offer a quality range that meets all expectations: diversity of varieties (Lady, Colomba, Jazzy, Amandine, Chérie, Charlotte…), sizes (large, medium and small) and presentations (washed / unwashed, bulk trucks / bigbags / cartons / bags / nets, custom work…).

Organic potatoes are also available.

Organic products

For many years now, organic farming has been acclaimed by consumers for its role in preserving the environment and biodiversity. This is based on compliance with strict standards and specifications by every link in the organic vegetable chain. With this in mind, Jacob is certified each year by an independent body, which monitors our compliance with European regulations and product traceability.

This enables us to offer a wide range of organically grown products: cauliflowers, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, lettuces, beet, onion squashes…

The level of service we provide is the same as for conventional products: traceable sourcing,product quality control,preparation, and delivery of orders in line with customer requirements.

We can also offer customized packaging adapted to organic products: specific labelling, compostable packaging… Please do not hesitate to contact us for any special request.

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