Products of the highest quality and freshness.

At Jacob, our aim is to supply our customers with products of optimum quality and freshness.

Our quality approach is based in particular on real-time computerized traceability, which enables us to track the progress of orders step by step, and to quickly trace the origin of the products in each order.

Product quality is checked at every stage: firstly, on our production sites, where our quality controllers carry out an initial quality check, then in our warehouses, where products are checked before orders are prepared and dispatched.

Last but not least, we undergo independent control audits to attest to our quality approach. These audits enable us to renew several certifications each year: IFS Food, Global Gap and organic farming.

IFS Food

Food safety and the quality of fruit and vegetables is a major concern for Jacob society.

That’s why we’ve chosen to comply with IFS Food certification, which we’ve been renewing every year since 2014. This IFS Food standard controls the quality of our products and processing methods. Product food safety is covered by a protocol that includes prevention, traceability, monitoring and protection measures, to prevent any accidental or malicious contamination.

Our IFS Food certification also verifies our compliance with current legislation and our ability to meet customer specifications.

In all, the standard comprises 325 control points, covering manufacturing, traceability, quality management, HACCP and food control.

Global Gap

GlobalGAP certification concerns agricultural products themselves, and aims to promote safe, sustainable agriculture.

As a distributor of GlobalGAP products, we are Chain of Costudy (Coc) certified. This means that we are able to trace our products, to ensure the supply of GlobalGAP-certified products to customers who request them.

It’s also a way for us to support the quality approach of our vegetable growers.

We have held this GlobalGAP Chain of Custody certification since 2022.

Organic farming

Organic farming is a production method that combines the best environmental practices with respect for biodiversity and the preservation of natural resources. Governed by European regulations, organic market gardeners follow a number of rules, such as banning the use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers and weedkillers (in favour of substances of natural origin, manual or mechanical weeding or the use of biological pest control).

For Jacob, too, the distribution of a range of organically-farmed products requires compliance with strict specifications, and annual inspection by an independent body. This certifies that we have put in place all the necessary measures (including full traceability) to supply our customers with organic products of controlled quality.

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