Our profession

Shipper of early fruit and vegetables

Established on the north coast of the Côtes d’Armor since 1960, Jacob is at the heart of the Breton vegetable industry. The region’s temperate climate protects crops from excessive heat, but also from frost in winter, making a wide range of products available without any break in the calendar.

The Jacob company is a central link in this market gardening chain.

As market experts, we act as a link between vegetable growers and retailers, organizing product reception, order preparation and dispatch to French and export markets. We deliver to our customers on a daily basis, adapting at all times to the vagaries of supply, market trends and regulatory requirements.

We have a 4500 m² refrigerated workshop and reconditioning lines for tomatoes (grading, punneting, etc.) and cauliflowers (semi-curved, shrink-wrapped, etc.).

Our operators then take charge of order preparation, responding to customer requirements: specific labelling, pallet assembly and mixing, etc.

Last but not least, our logistics department manages the delivery of all orders to our customers’ sites in France and abroad, either in-house or via our network of partner carriers, in the shortest possible time.


Over 60 years experience in early vegetables

  • 1960 : Jacob Joseph founded in Lanmodez (22) : shipping, exporting and packaging early vegetables.
  • 1978 : New site at Paimpol
  • 1987 : Takeover of Gallo SA and change of company name. “Jacob Joseph” becomes “SA Jacob”.
  • 1991 : Creation of JEM Goëlo SARL to separate the commercial and packaging activities. JEM Goëlo will provide services and packaging, as well as storage and warehousing of goods in transit.
  • 2009 : SARL JEM Goëlo changes its name to SARL Tradi Fresh
  • 2022 : Company taken over by Laurent Rio and Florent Doussal, who becomes Managing Director; Jacob SA and Tradi Fresh activities merged under the JACOB SAS banner; acquisition of Primeurs de Saint Malo, which strengthens Jacob’s position on the export market in particular.

CSR approach

Protecting the environment, employees and the company's sustainability

The Corporate Social Responsibility approach consists in guiding a company’s development along 3 axes: économic, social et environmental.

For example, we support French agriculture through the Breton market gardening sector, and we favor local partnerships in our choice of suppliers.

Within the company, we implement measures designed to ensure quality of life at work. These include, first and foremost, employee health and safety (employee training, provision of protective equipment, etc.), as well as access to a wide range of professional training adapted to employees’ skills (food hygiene, first aid, business development, etc.). Finally, we encourage listening, cooperative spirit and team cohesion.

In terms of the environment, we encourage our employees to adopt a responsible approach: reducing and sorting waste, reducing energy consumption (lighting and controlled temperature), reducing paper printing, etc. We also apply this requirement to our packaging, which we develop as far as possible without glue, plastic or harmful substances, with the aim of composting at home.


Anticipating market expectations

We work closely with seed companies and vegetable growers to offer our customers products that meet consumer expectations.

From generation to generation, our growers have passed on their know-how and passion. They have refined their cultivation techniques and carried out varietal selection, resulting in new products: they provide us with a quality offering that is both controlled and innovative.

For our part, we closely monitor varietal innovations, sampling them for our customers and promoting innovative products on the market. Innovation also concerns packaging, which is constantly evolving to meet consumer expectations and environmental challenges.

We have also chosen to develop our own brand, Couleurs d’Iroise, enabling us to invest even more in this innovative approach.